Etsy Lovin: Oriental Tribe 11

If you are diggin that traveler-boheme prolifery as am I, then you might be excited to know of this resource for picking up some legit vintage Hmong and Thai fabric pillow covers in a price range that is more comfortable than some others I’ve seen.

I’m thinking about picking up a handful of the 16″x16″ to cover some of the Heffe Pillows from an era gone by. Not sure where he came by his palm tree and giraffe print tossers but I think it had something to do with newly found singledom and tiki themed patios on a bachelor apartment. “Vestiges of his Past.”

These will look great over top of that!!! Haha!

etsy seller orientaltribe11

Screen shot 2013-08-23 at 10.45.38 AM

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  • OH. MY. GYAAHHH! THANK YOU for the amazing score! I *literally* just blogged about Amber Interiors’ version of these, and was prepared to save till Kingdom come for a few. I think I just shed a tear of joy – AMAZING find! Also, I am a super longtime fan of your guys’ blog because you ALWAYS put out good stuff. Thanks again so much and hi-5 long distance. xx, Stephanie

    • Stephanie–This is not the only seller that offers affordable fabric with the vintage batik look, there are others on Etsy.

      • Ok, thanks Sarah. I appreciate it and will check around! I love Etsy but it takes me hours to navigate it and sift through the haystack for needles… which is why I’m so delighted when people share stuff like this. Thanks again :)

  • Hell yeah Stephanie! Thanks. If you purchase — tell that seller that we sent ya.
    i just emailed them today to ask about a possible discount if I buy more than a handful. I’d be happy if they were well mixed in with my couchful of pillows. His reply indicated that he doesn’t discount, but will provide free shipping with an order for more than 10.

    Meanwhile, if you are handy with a sewing machine, check out

    Thanks for hanging out! I love the subtitle of your blog!

    • Hell yeah Betsy! I will absolutely mention you all if I purchase. Our living room furniture between the basement man room and living room is in flux, so as soon as that’s pinned down, I’m ordering some of those suckers. And I AM handy with a sewing machine, but I’m also amazing at collecting projects and not finishing them for 6 months or so, so I’ll probably buy ’em :) But I favorite-ed that textile store, so I really appreciate the reference!

      Thanks again so much and thanks for the props on our tagline!

      • Oh…. I have that 6 month incomplete projects problem too…. in a major way. But it didn’t stop me from grabbin 10 feet of some Hmong skirt scraps that day that I started poking around!
        I’ll let ya know how it goes, in about 6 months. ;)

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