Holiday Weekend

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Watauga County NC, photo via Blue Ridge blog

We are headed to the mountains for a family get together. Betsy is searching for a rapper this weekend.

Happy Memorial Day to all!

Guess what…. the Indiana house is almost complete. Next week we’ll need to discuss interior paint colors, upholstered furniture in bathrooms and who knows what else may surface.

Have you been watching Sarah’s House?

Did you see MaeMae’s Paperie on Elements of Style last week, a stand out in the stationary world if you ask me.

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  • We found the rapper! That’s done. I’m just gonna be homesick and wishin that I was floating down a river in the NC summer….

  • Wish you were floating down a river with us!! (Side note: I just found out the girl booked us kayaks not canoes! OH SH*T! I was planning on “letting” Will do the work) I may never make it!


  • Laura-pretty sweet time I’m sure, I like to play the state capital game on long trips. Did the skies stay clear for you?

  • Bootsy- just to update you on our Dan River trip…we only capsized once and only had to do one amazing Matrix move to avoid the tree branch that WIll drove us into. Other than the subdermal bruising on my neck and back from the Keanu move, it was fabulous! Absolutely beautiful scenery with the huge rocks and all the trees…we have to do this again when you come into town!

  • Sarah I know you dominate that game! The weather was great, only a few minutes of rain on Sunday. We played sing your favorite tv show theme song.

  • I have watched a few episodes of Sarah’s House – she has a BIG budget and a funny accent.

  • She has a huge budget and sometimes I have to actively ignore the “oots” & “aboots”

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