Don Draper

Oh Don, you’re so dapper.

I’ve gotten addicted to watching Mad Men after Netflix made it available for streaming so I’m a little late to the office party but still enjoying it. We watched Mr. & Mrs. Draper and Roger Sterling eat a ribeye, drink an abundant amount of martinis and then finish off with chocolate cake while simultaneously smoking all in the comfort of their dining room. In a flash, I thought of tofu, chickpeas and herbal teas and Dan said, you know most of them probably lived well in to their 80s. We’re smarter now about those things, we’ve made great strides in the medical field since 1960…ok so I’m not going to retreat to the dining room now and light up.

Its a great show I highly recommend it.

Weekend time! DC identifies it as no school, no work.


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  • So funny–I watchd the first season two years ago, then never had AMC again. This past two weeks I’ve been bingeing on seasons 2 and 3, and just last night I found myself thinking that I sort of lived back then, before we “knew better.”

    • love getting hooked on shows and just watching one episode after another until you feel guilty (or not) about how long you’ve been watching them.

  • Too funny! Billy and I have been doing the same thing! We were receiving the dvds in the mail but now that it is streaming…watch out lazy Sunday afternoons…we are hooked! I am starting to worry because we only have a few episodes left :(

  • Been doing this with Heffe too…. started Season One just a couple of weeks ago… I’ve seen it several times but its so good every time. Looking forward to getting into new territory with Season Two soon.

    I have a friend who says that watching it makes infidelity seem the norm, as if its totally acceptable behavior…. Let’s don’t get too comfortable with that idea.

    Enjoy your weekend…. see ya the next one!

  • I too am addicted to this!!

    I absolutely want to drink Scotch as if it were water and smoke Luckies like there’s no tomorrow.

    I’m surprised it took me this long to watch this show..

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