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What’s on tap for this weekend?

Well Despicable Me 2, lawn mowing and moving lawn care tools and materials–I probably have a larger collection than most.

My daughter gets to go to the theater this weekend as a reward for a perfect “10” on the behavior scale at the kids fitness group she goes to during the week. For the first few weeks of poor listening and behavior we set up consequences like no electronics and no TV. It worked ok but then we found we got instant improvement when we offered rewards. Do you do this type of stuff with your five year old?

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  • Oh my GOD, I’m ready to talk about children’s consequence/reward more than ever. I’m in a different situation, b/c the five year old in my world is not “mine.” But I do love him, and his father and the eight year old girl version of consequence/reward question. It’s crazy tough. Our challenge is around device use. Yesterday the two were fighting with each other IRL over their virtual characters in Minecraft on group play. The dude was all “stop fighting or I’m taking the iPads away.” It led me down this rabbit hole of a thought process about how we need some kind of a system around the use of the device that TRULY works – and some tier of consequence that we work up TOWARD rather than just the threat of taking it away (which he definitely does, but I’m sure there is a better way to work up towards that consequence). Neither of us want them to sit around with an iPad in hand for the ENTIRE day when there is a perfectly HUGE world of imagination outside in the backyard, but they DO love it and it is a perfectly fine reward right? It seems to be the ONLY thing that they want to do though. I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard the kids ask about using someone’s iPad just in the last two days.

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