Here’s wishing that spring comes sooner than later! The hellebores I planted at Bungalow 404 will probably bloom soon, I hope the tenants enjoy them…

Le Pavillon de Galon in Provence garden 


Hellebore Orientalis

We may break away from the money pit this weekend and go have some thrift store fun. But then again the weather may be so moderate that we may have to start attacking the jungle that is our massive yard. The responsibilities are endless…

Just a couple of suggestions for weekend reading,

Will Margaret Russell be able to attract us to Architectural Digest?

Cute DIY Valentine cards for preschoolers, not even close to having the time to do this


I fell down a rabbit hole this morning that I think is worthy of sharing which began at Bryn’s place and then continued on to Made By Girl . I saw a series of rooms and images that I quickly clipped for inspiration at Look Linger Love and then on to luxe + lillies and then my brain began going in to visual overdrive and I had to stop there.





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