Heffe House in Waterlogue

Holy crap. What a week.

This morning I woke up to a flood of beautiful watercolor images on my Instagram feed. It appears that everyone I follow discovered the Waterlogue app overnight. It’s such a beautiful tool and if you are a geek for iPhoneography, then here is a new toy to take it to the next level.

Here are a few bookmarks for a Saturday reading list.

Communicating effectively
is something we all should strive for career-wise, but my favorite part of this helpful article was the mention of gaining trust by planting your seed with respect. The premise that your effectiveness in your job is reliant upon your relationships, and your relationships are built on trust and respect is playing hard core into my thoughts lately about working in a large collaboration on creative projects!

Amber has a wicked good guide to Indoor House Plants that I just saw today. If you are the “murderiest of murderers,” you’ll appreciate. This is gooood web contents people! I can’t wait to pull it up next time I’m at OSH, and let her suggestions make my houseplant decisions for me.

I didn’t know until I was enjoying comments on this Instagram post… but Justina Blakeney was a J. Crew Catalog model. It’s always a special treat to pick up these kind of fun facts along with way. You should follow her… she’s got a great eye for artful Instagramming.

CupcakeMag’s Nicole Schumacher gave our Kid’s furniture line a shout on her blog. I love the collage that she threw together, and I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me until she pointed it out but… it probably is not very likely that you’ll find many options for kid’s with mid-century lines! How cool.

Lastly, if you are like me and you feel like you grew up with Judy Blume, then settle in for a little podcast from KCRW’s The Organist… She and Lena Dunham sit down together in an episode titled THUNDERSHIRT for a very casual conversation about what it is like to be the creative conduit for young people to learn about sex and pop culture. It never totally occurred to me to put these two artists together, but when I heard them chatting, it made perfect sense, and I really enjoyed that.

Have a great weekend.




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