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I’ve been feeling exceptionally creative lately and Spray Paint is my best friend. I have some exciting plans for some and I’m looking for it in rad colors (mostly SONIC PLUM). Any ideas where to shop for an extensive selection of colors?

The Estate of Things chooses Spray Paint

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  • If I were you I’d just rent an air compressor and spray gun from my local hardware rental place. Then you just mix your own colours and you can use almost any type of paint.

  • I was surprised with how *not great* the supply at Pearl Paint was. If you go to a WalMart in the suburbs, the color assortment is pretty staggering. Kmart also has a surprisingly good selection. I’m on a silver metallic spray paint bender at the moment…

  • ya… Home Dept and Lowes are blowing it. But I found this little aerosol can that you can pour custom color house paint into and it will turn it into a spray. I don’t have 100% faith that it’ll work out that great… but we’ll see how it goes.

  • I concur on Lowe’s and HD’s selections being slim. Pretty sure Walmart carries Krylon. My Mom got this super moss green Krylon there and spray painted terra cotta pots and they look outstanding.

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