A Tie Dye Sofa?

I love a statement piece sofa so much y’all, but even I have to put the tie-dye sofa into the “Couches I Can’t Have” category. I love em, but I just can’t be sure when I won’t, and what a big purchase to have to live with, right?

BUT… What if you have a tired old Ikea Karlstad sofa whose cover has seen better days, and you are thinking that you could DIY it and then live in hippie bliss for just a few months until you wise up, move out and get a brand spanking new navy blue velvet investment piece sofa for the long term?

We all know that my living room is tired and my old sofa is weary.  I still love her sky blue presence, but she’s seen better days. So maybe I’ll keep thinking about a bold temporary move, but first let’s explore a few pieces that caught my eye and made me wonder, what if.

Anthropologie tie dye couch

The charm of this piece is in the pattern mix, elevating it from an arts and crafts project to a truly eclectic statement piece. I do love the idea, and it looks lovely along with this rich textured teal wall and rug.

But then I try picturing it in my living room, and everything falls apart for me.


tie dye silk settee

Chairish seller Crystal is hand-painting a tie-dye effect on silks and leathers in a bold mix of colors to great success. The final product is totally hippie luxe and I dig it to the max. I’d love to see one of these pieces styled in a soaring foyer with a lovely wrapping black staircase and a brass chandelier so sparkly.



Tie Dye Sofa Domaine Home

Domaine scooped up this little ditty a while back. This is the most successful outcome that my mind conjures when I think of the tie-dye project for my own sofa slip cover, but we all know that it’s a slim chance that I’d actually pull it off with such success. I suppose I could just go solid navy and call it a day until I really grow up and get a new couch. Did I just talk myself out of this tie-dye sofa idea? Growing up is lame.

So, what do you think? You gonna rock one in your hippie den?



I wrote this post in January 2015, and after sitting on the idea for just a couple months, I did it. I had my couch tie-dyed.

Well, mineral-washed to be exact. I wrestled my Ikea Karlstad slipcover off and I took it down to Kevin at Brother’s Dye House and he did the deed.

More info here on the post about MY TIE DYE SOFA.

Tie Dye Sofa by The Estate of Things Betsy Moyer



This post continues to get love via Google! So, for as long as it does, I suppose I will keep it updated with interesting products that enter market. Since this initial post we’ve also seen the launch of Justina Blakeney’s collaboration with Los Angeles manufacturer Jonathan Louis. It’s available for a killer price at Living Spaces.



Not ready to commit to the full sofa? Try a couple of throw pillows instead! Here some we love!


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    • What a great question! Of course I did!!!!! Haha.
      But it was really fun while it lasted.

      I gained the confidence to give that a try b/c that sofa was nearing end of life. When we moved away from that house, the old IKEA arms got torn off by the movers and so it’s died a sweet slow death in a number of iterations around our home. The frame is now officially dead and gone, but I still have many of the cushions. They are excellent in the boy’s room and also on a rattan sofa I have until I whip up something custom!

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