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Well coming off of the holiday weekend was tough going for some and if thats the case for you and you’re faced with work to do around the house like I am then the unpleasantness continues. My husband doesn’t even like for me to say the words “yard work”.

I now see the merits of a brand new house or at least a house thats been completely renovated. Old houses hurt more than just wallets and backs…but we do what we have to do, right?

Suggested items for your consideration,

Don’t forget Missoni drops next week at Target on the 13th.

I bought these b/c I’m trying to get all bangled up

Did you see what I dug up over at Copy Cat Chic last week?

These could be a great addition to gallery walls or framed and propped on a bookcase don’t you think for a little graphic interlude?

My husband needs these to wear with his brown threadbare corduroys, I love blue sneakers! And I’m thinking I need theseThanks for playing,


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