The Avocado Ranch Living Room

We bought the Avocado Ranch at the very bitter end of a tumultuous 2020. After a few years of living life in this space, the living room has fully assumed its personality. For now!

Like so many others, I was bit by the Mario Bellini Camaleonda bug, though I like to think it was before I realized it was fated to “it-girl” sofa status. Don’t tell my husband, but I’m already dreaming up the next iteration of this room. It wouldn’t be me if I weren’t trying to angle for a new sofa, or a new identity.

Of course, we’ll let the room stay as it is for a while if only to make brain space for the rest of the rooms that are still awaiting their key pieces.

I love watching our home evolve as we live in it. I love sitting on this big old comfy (albeit quite low and super deep) sofa and dreaming about the future view into the formal dining room. A room takes on a casual multi-purpose identity in the late weekend mornings, sometimes it’s a study lounge, a music room, a creation station for my 5-year-old’s latest project, and hopefully in the future, as a library where I can leave my coffee table design books open to the last page before I got distracted.

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