Must Have: Vintage African Baskets as Wall Art

Vintage AFrican Baskets as Wall Art the estate of things

Hi friends! It’s Betsy.

If you follow me on Betsy Moyer on Instagram, you might already know that I recently stumbled my way into a bevy of Vintage African Baskets as Wall Art for SHOP TEOT.

They have been hanging in the corner of our living room since, as seen in the photo above. They are bringing me so much joy. I hope we keep a good collection stocked so that I can leave these hanging in my own home for a while yet.

Today, I want to show you why I was out there on the hunt for the perfect vintage African Basket for wall art.

Here is a look at a few AMAZING and inspiring interiors featuring the handwoven baskets, braided and tied from the tall grasses of the river lands in Africa.


a stack of african baskets

top trends in interior designThese absolute works of art make a lovely impact once hung on the wall. Pair a large 18″ round handwoven basket alongside its partner in 13″ for a 3 dimensional addition to your gallery wall, or hang one solo to make its own statement.

You could also maximize your art piece with a grouping of 6 or more! Look how many are grouped here. Amazing!


colorful Wall of Baskets

African Baskets SHOP TEOT by the estate of things

We sold a mini collection of the vintage african baskets as wall art, as well as a BOLGA market basket, to Heffe’s mom.

I’m THRILLED that she supported TEOT with her purchase, but I also love to know that she has these lovely works of art in her home. Thanks Vivian!

eathiopian Wall of Baskets closeup


zimbabwe Wall of Baskets closeup

SHOP TEOT baskets are all handmade in Africa for Fair Wages.

The women of Zimbabwe have long taught the art of weaving palm leaves and reeds into the baskets as a rite of passage for the young girls. This craft has been passed down for generations on the sandy beach of Zimbabwe where the mountains meet the lake, in a simple village called Binga.


zimbabwe Wall of Baskets


You can get that look above by shopping with TEOT. If you are INSANELY COOL you could cover up the entire wall of your home like that photo above. Just hit me up on the side because I’ll need to increase my inventory numbers for you dramatically!

Here is a look at our African Basket Collection.

vintage african baskets by the estate of things for shop teot


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  • I am curious Betsy what you use to hang the individual baskets. I really like the look of groupings. However, I have a hubby who is not anxious to have multiple holes in the wall if/when I would decide to change up the décor. And to be honest he is the one who gets to do the hanging and repairs if needed.

    Aunt Jeannie

    • Hi Aunt Jeannie.
      On the back of each basket there is a little grass loop, meant for hanging.
      It doesn’t take too much of a nail to hold these up as they are pretty lightweight.
      I tapped a nail into the wall because I am not afraid of ANYTHING!!!! ;)

      I’m kidding about fear, but on a more serious note I feel like its a reasonably small inconvenience to fix it up if/when you want to move them.

      I suppose you could try to use one of those 3M hooks that stick on the wall, but it seems far more inconvenient to me to always be picking up the basket that fell, than spackling up a little hole.

      Please tell Uncle Steve that I would urge him not to worry about the holes and to keep a little tube of DAP Spackling on hand.

      And then, I would start nailing things up and around all over the house!!!!
      Kay, kdding again.

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