Why are we so unpopular?

It’s that time of year again, where we get to scroll the long list of interior design blogs and add about fifty billion new sites to love to our blog readers… That’s right – it’s the Homies.

As always we are honored to be on the list. We love bein on that list cause it sends us new eyeballs!

Last year, I was all “Vote your conscience, vote Emily Henderson…” and this year, I may feel the exact same — she deserves a win. I’d love to know how you guys feel about the distinct veer toward the mommysphere with the introduction of #CharlieHendo? What a cute child. I’ve read every word she’s written about her new love.

I will also toss in my vote for Justina Blakeney who is a new discovery for me this past year, and now it’s hard to imagine how I ever stood to skim my reader without her in it. She’s a hard worker and I dig her style a lot. I’m stoked about #thenewbohobook that I am seeing glimpses of on her Instagram profile.

Speaking of your blog reader, do you still use one? I love kickin’ back on my iPad w/ Feedly and flipping for hours. It’s definitely filled the void that a glossy mag once held court in.

Alright dudes, enjoy the mountains of design blogs laid out before you on Apartment Therapy, or just enjoy this funny Pinterest find! ;)

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