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We’ve always been attentive to the lovely details in our local lunch spot, or in the ephemery of sunlight on a building — but lately, more and more of us are framing these moments beautifully to share on Instagram.

I love it!

Isn’t it amazing how far we’ve come with cameras!? Can you even recall the deliberation required when we were limited to 24 snaps per roll on the incredible disposable camera you could pick up at a gas station? Imagine – no preview screen!

We’ve come along way to now, where I can auto-backup all of my cellphone snaps so that when I pull up my Google+ account, there are all 29 of the weirdies I snapped while trying to perfectly capture the magic of my bright pink poncho.


Besides creating and sharing my own images, I am recently obsessed with meandering through the design community’s fun hashtag collections! The images I find at these tags inspire me to think differently about the cellphone frame, about lighting, about arrangements and filters and backdrops and color.

Here are a few my favorites to post to, and to thumb through while I’m sitting at the soccer field on a Saturday!


Here you will find a bright collective of neons and primaries, this feed is all about color and styling. Here’s a little tip if you want to get on this train. Get yourself over to your local drug store or art supply shop and pick up a multi-pack of neon posterboard. It makes a great saturated backdrop and will provide you with loads of fun in the filter stage! This collection was started by friend and Instagram muse, Marissa of Bourbon & Goose.


The Brightest Pops of Color on Instagram



This breath of fresh air was created by the ladies behind A Beatuiful Mess.


By A Beautiful Mess



There is an Americana vibe here, full of crafters, makers, coffee drinkers and nature lovers. This tag was started by Folk Magazine and it’s pretty heavy on adventure and an aesthetic that harkens back to a simpler time. Follow this collection for travel ideas, getting crafty or finding inspiration in nature!


By FolkMagazine


#Flashes of Delight

On this feed, you’ll find another approach to styling, from foodie shots to outfits to motivational words. This particular feed was drummed up by the folks behind the Glitter Guide, and if you are lucky – they may even choose your photo to publish on their site!


From the Folks at the Glitter Guide


For more favs, here is my go to list of collections I enjoy! I’d love to hear about your favorites, and I’d love to keep my list fresh! Holler back with your tips!
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