This is the face of man who wasn’t really interested in having his portrait made with an iPhone while he sat on the table in the doctor’s office. But it just finally occurred to me… as we lean into these final chemo treatments, that this look is going to be behind us soon. I wanted to document it. He is beautiful and his strength overwhelms me, and I’ll always look at this face with love, but it’s been an incredulous linger lately. It’s become difficult to even imagine him with his eyelashes and eyebrows at the moment, and I just wanted to capture him… to serve as a memento for all I’ve learned.

Here’s some Saturday internet explorin:

You gotta listen to the Tim Gunn interview with Fresh Air’s Terry Gross. Holy CRAP has he endured. Not only was it fantastic to get a glimpse into what it was like to attend Woodstock in a pair of Weejuns… but he is fantastically candid about a suicide attempt, a two year psychiatric institutionalization, and a love lost that hurt so that he’s chosen to be alone. The interview is a journey. Listen to Tim Gunn on Fresh Air on NPR.org.

My UnRoll.Me scan found 395 list subscriptions. I can’t wait to see if this app saves me from rolling over in bed, grabbing my iPhone, and deleting the bundles emails that rolled in while I slept. I love you One Kings Lane, but must you email me so often? I’m looking forward to a cleaner inbox.

I came upon this NY Times piece about a Neurosurgeon’s cancer diagnosis via Joanna at A Cup of Jo and it touched me. I feel so deeply about it, that I’m not sure I can conjure words to justify. I’ll try. I could relate: my mind CRAVES information to prop up some kind of expectation for what is at best uncertain, and at worst gapingly terrifying. My heart goes out to this blogger and her family and of course this doctor as they face this uncertain time with hope and gratitude.

Sheena Murphy is a new designer discovery that I’m gonna keep my eye out for. I just absolutely loved her blue walls and textile art and layers as seen in House Beautiful. This likely deserves its own post, so don’t be surprised if you see her pics turn up soon.

Lastly, this EveryGirl interview with DwellStudio’s Christiane Lemieux did good things for my will to work hard on the new opportunity that I’ve found with Jaxon Home! It’s not a super recent interview, but it was new to me and it came to me at the right time! If you are a dreamer with entrepreneurial inclinations, read away!

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