Remember that post about Sarah’s backyard fence. Well, she has one now, and so it’s time to clean up the yard and try to get some grass growing this weekend. There’s a lot more dirt than grass which is heaven for little girls who like to dig, but it’s a drag for mothers that like a clean house, especially when the sprinklers and babies in baby suits come out.

On the other side of the country, Betsy will be glued to her cellphone, chatting escrow and appraisal with lenders and pinning ideas for the new digs. Last weekend she hit the breweries of San Diego and started a whole new passion for the art of the craft beer review.

Next week, we will get together for a little photo shoot for the final reveal of the Bennett Kitchen Renovation. Yay!

Here’s some leisurely interneting for your weekend!

Sarah’s got her hands on her favorite photographer, Sally Mann’s new memoir. This fantastic article by The New Republic about Mann and family, with a zinger at the end, will motivate you to order.

Stevie Nicks had a birthday this week which resulted in Betsy streaming a YouTube vid of VH1’s Behind the Music and then a duet of Sheryl Crow and Stevie singing Strong Enough, which made her cry – she’s that kind of girl. She’ll watch anything Stevie related, and she’ll cry at just about anything too.

Sarah recently discovered Viyet – a lovely site for home decor where you can bid on consigned high end goods. It’s similar to Chairish but they have a minimum value and well, we think its a bit more buttoned up.

We’re newly obsessed with Leon Bridges’ song River. Thanks for the discovery Sarah. It’s the perfect come-to-God sound of earnest hope, a yearning for faith and forgiveness – no matter how hard the times.

It’s Dwell on Design here in LA this week. Now that everyone instagrams though, you can get all the highlights no matter where you are. Check out #DODLA to get the haps, second hand.


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