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Um… So I was going to be sinking my toes into the Bahamian sands between catching Weezer and Cat Power concerts on a cruise ship this weekend, but the Universe just wouldn’t will it so. North Carolina got shut down by snow, and my travel companion, Amy, a dear friend from waaaaay back – couldn’t make it out to board the ship.

The crazy thing, that as sad as it was – it was really what’s best for work. I’ve been pulling 18 hour work days for the past little bit here, getting a brand new Jaxon Home shopping cart site pulled together. The complexities of why might be a story for another day. But, as a result… I don’t really have that many links to share for Saturday reading – unless you wanna read about the endurance of flash site sales. (Don’t skip the comments, the discussion is lively even if it does veer political.) All that I have been doing is cleaning up an inventory of over 500 products and building formulas and variants to help make the sofa customization dreams of any online consumer a reality. Fingers crossed for a healthy relaunch.

If you’ve noticed a distinct lack of Sarah around here lately, don’t be alarmed. She’s been heavy lifting on this blog for the past, um 5 years and is taking a break. She’s in the background. Hi Sarah! We miss you!

And we didn’t forget about Valentine’s Day. It’s just that – sometimes life is too crazy to try to make it look cute and slap it into a blog post. Heffe and I ate a bunch of meat by candlelight and binged on House of Cards! He skipped the fancy wine because he’s in the middle of a chemo regime, and I skipped b/c I needed to take some Benadryl for an allergic reaction to fabric softener – and I don’t quite get down with that ol’ slizzurp kinda high. We had gatorade in champagne flutes though. Keepin it classy!

Back to work. Carry on friends!


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