What’s Next?


It’s Betsy. Today I’m sharing some random images and thoughts that are on my mind of late! My brain is all aspin over what is next. What is next for interior design? What is next for TEOT as a biz, what is next for products that we all want in our homes!?

Let’s get after it!


vintage african indigo mudcloth extra long fringe denimFirst off, this Fringe is stellar. You can buy it for $25 off if you use this code: TOOGOOD


baskets on the wall via honestlywtfWe’ve got some wall decor coming our way.
via HonestlyWTF


a bold unique kitchenThis is a rather bold kitchen, but I’m intrigued. Is this a modern interpretation of the Postmodern 80’s Memphis Style? This is starting to whisper to me. I know the world at large isn’t ready for this much color and mixed material, but it starts with a whisper.


Consort Design diagonal wall paintSee!?
Lately, I am loving on Consort Design via InstagramImage via Design-Milk


adorable store display at as of nowIsn’t this AS OF NOW store display adorable. Little vignettes in each cube.
Next up for TEOT SHOP TALK, we need to dig into merchandising design!


black white and woodOne of these days I’m gonna illustrate my passion for all things white, black and wood in a blog post.
via Camille Styles


let the beauty of what you love be what you doTell me all about it Rumi.


memphis style is seeping inY’all, that postmodern 80’s design is seeping into our world. Love it, or Hate it?


more words for the wise dont be delicate be vast and brillianIt’s always good to be reminded to strive for brilliance! ;)


the estate of things ten best bohemian shops on etsyYay, thank you Laura for including TEOT!!! 


vintage textiles african hmong mudcoth indigoAnd lastly, thanks for buying up all of our stock at SHOP TEOT.
It’s time to replenish our vintage textiles haul!


What’s NEXT?



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  • I LOVE the postmodern Memphis Style! It’s like Saved by the Bell meets the 2000s. At first, when I would think the 80s I would stray away, but I find the examples you posted above surprisingly cute! Things always seem to come full circle…it’s the natural progression of style I suppose. What a lovely and eye opening post!

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