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Is it weird that I’ve seen Staying Alive multiple times and I’ve never seen Saturday Night Fever?

Its cooled down significantly here in NC, finally some relief from 90 degrees, I can actually think about soup now. 

This weekend, my husband’s family descends on my house and then on Saturday morning I’ll be headed out to the Cameron Antiques Festival.

Something else you should know…I went with white countertops at the Midland Project, maybe I’ll live to regret it or maybe it’ll buff out! Rest assured I’ll admit my mistake to you if it goes badly.

Some things to ponder over the weekend,

Betsy sent me this link, what do you think about doing this with your baby?

I think my husband would appreciate one of these t shirts

Rita Konig was writing for a Times blog but now she’s moving to the WSJ magazine, I could only assume that has a lot to do with Deborah Needleman’s position there. Wonder if they’re gonna get the band back together?

I would really like to adorn my wall with this.




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  • I’m makin my way slowly back to blonde… I just took it lighter last week. I F-ed myself going super dark last winter…. takes time to pull off of that.

    AND……. dude, i’d STEAL someone’s baby to give it a shot and making pictures like that….

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