Putting Domino’s Shopping Guide to the Test: Savannah, GA

the estate of things chooses Savannah

I wonder how many of you out there actually use Domino Magazine’s shopping guides? I’ve considered it a few times and decided to put it to the test.

I travelled to Savannah, GA on business but managed to squeeze in a little pleasure. Briefly touring around Savannah Thursday afternoon with my friend Laurie we decided to hit some of Domino’s suggested spots for all things home.

the estate of things chooses savannah

How did we fair with the guide?

We were short on time and we were occassionally seduced by some storefronts that weren’t on the list and so unfortunately we didn’t make it to what the shopkeeper at Satchel called the “Downtown Design District” which makes up a block or so on Whitaker Street. How ridiculous is that….we didn’t make it to the design district.

First stop was…

DC2 Design (Not in the guide)

We encountered DC2 on our way to another store and quickly ducked in. I liked several of the occasional chairs among the furniture selection, but what really sparkles at DC2 are the chandeliers and bountiful accessories– mostly ceramics. Small, medium and large foo dogs and a fabulous orange ceramic horse head are part of a wide selection. I personally fell in love with two white ceramic floor lanterns which I purchased because not only were they a great price but they were also 20% off along with all home accessories. They are going to make a great statement on either side of the fireplace during the day and aglow at night. All of their holiday decorations were 50% off and I purchased some fabulous birds for the tree with feathered tails for my Mom. Apartment Therapy posted about DC2 here, offering some additional photos and a short review.

the estate of things chooses DC2 Design the estate of things chooses DC2 Design

the estate of things chooses DC2 Design

The Paris Market

the estate of things chooses paris market

The Paris Market is a must stop while in Savannah.  There were so many things to adore here especially the oversized linen light fixtures, well-stocked book selection for the design enthusiast and industrial french furniture.

The Paris Market has been featured in various shelter titles like House Beautiful, Cottage Living and Savannah Magazine.

the estate of things chooses paris market

the estate of things chooses paris market

the estate of things chooses paris market

the estate of things chooses paris market

the estate of things chooses paris market

the estate of things chooses paris market

This is Laurie and I standing next to a dining room setup, a mirror was mounted on the ceiling with a hole cut for the chandelier. You have no idea what an incredible impact the mirror makes on the whole table and really maximizes the chandelier and the glassware. Easy DIY bling!


the estate of things chooses scad

The highlight of the excursion and also an absolute must is ShopScad. SCAD is an acronym for the Savannah College of Art and Design.  SCAD has managed to brand itself internationally and they have maintained this shop and website for several years. The shop itself is beautiful with arched windows, hand-painted walls and artful ceiling displays. It’s a visual feast.  I snapped a couple of pictures not even thinking about the anti-photography philosophy in the store because of the original artwork. The shopkeep quickly scolded me and I stopped immediately.  But I did eyeball a painting in the shop, Meredith Pardue’s Lotus Pond II, that I blogged about previously in my build-a-bedroom post, the painting was available online but I cannot locate it on SCAD’s website now.

the estate of things chooses SCAD

the estate of things chooses SCAD

the estate of things chooses scad

Le Paperie

In the “downtown design district” La Paperie is snuggled in with most of the other stores in Domino’s Guide. La paperie offers lines by Kate Spade, Snow & Graham, WhoMi, Vera Wang and William Arthur just to name a few.  All of their holiday stock is 50-75% off. If you need a paper fix, La Paperie is your place.  I purchased their last Snow & Graham 2009 letterpress calendar. The image below is from their website.

@home Vintage General(Not in the Guide)

the estate of things chooses @home

@home was also a visual treat that was impeccably merchandised.  I am a sucker for all things modern country and this was the place for me. Beautiful, thoughtful new and vintage inventory.

Liz Demos, the owner, has this to say about her amazing shop,

For those that love weathered furnishings, @home is a great place to find stylish yet affordable items for your lifestyle. Known as a “vintage general store,” the shop is filled with one-of-a-kind finds as well as vintage-inspired new items. @home is a mixture of modern country and cottage styles. Creatively matching old and new is the forte of our unique shop. The store is stocked with hard to find goods and gifts in the following categories: antiques, textiles, fine ribbons, stationery and gift wrap, bed and bath products, jewelry, garden accessories, kitchen items, furniture, children’s items, lighting, architectural, industrial and old school artifacts.

Liz’s blog, alternative country and industrial country.

Images are courtesy of @Home’s blog.

the estate of things chooses @home

the estate of things chooses @home

Some other stores we visited that were not home related:

Red Clover, 53 Montgomery Street

James Gunn, awesome sales right now!


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