Estate Envy: BoKlok UK – Yes Ikea Homes

If its not enough to have your home furnished entirely with Ikea, then how about having the Scandinavian Home Furnishings Giant provide your ENTIRE HOME.

The Estate of Things choose BoKlok Ikea Housing

St. James Village Gateshead in Northern England is just one of several new housing projects featured on the BoKlok website as a Housing Collaboration between Live Smart @ Home & IKEA. High Ceilings, large windows and a modern open floor plan are among the expected features of the Ikea Housing Project.

The Estate of Things chooses BoKlok Ikea Housing The Estate of Things chooses BoKlok Ikea Housing

Wanna move in!? I do. And If I did, I would receive a free consultation with an Ikea Designer as well as 250 Euros to spend at the store to get started. They will also lend me a workman to help hang curtains and artwork and in some cases are providing up to 5,000 Euros worth of community amenities.

My interpretation from perusing the BoKlok website is that there will probably be a special community fostered amongst these homes. A neighborhood where one can stand out on the walkway and talk green design with the next door neighbor while the kids play with wooden toys in the curated lawn – It sounds good to me.

You can rent, outright buy, or try a 50% purchase. (Don’t know how that works exactly). They also have a rent to own plan giving you 6 months to see if you can do it. A plan for the commitment-shy population, and one that was created to meet the needs of the current economic downturn.

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