House Huntin’: Sprint to the Finish

After our house went under contract we viewed a group of houses that were all pretty different but offered their own individual advantages.

Sustainable living on 25 acres of mostly swamp, loads of upkeep-

House Ester

House Ester swamp

Lotta new house, no yard-

house pin cherry

A classic brick home in an established neighborhood, needed renovation-

house fairway

Newer cottage construction on an acre lot, lots of upgrades at a great price-

house aiken

1920s shingled cottage in a great neighborhood-

House Ward

Dan and I went back and forth and tossed around a lot of different options concerning our living situation—everything from living with my parents, squeezing in to a two bedroom townhouse, saving to build our own dreamy farmhouse. But with the instability of our economy and interest rates that went up a .25 in a week we felt like we needed to make a more permanent move and try to finally put down some roots and stay in a house long enough for our children to remember it.

Care to guess which one we are pursuing?

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