LA Apt Hunting: Emily

Emily is apartment hunting in Los Angeles. Someone always is around here!?

So, here we go. Emily is well aware of the rental market situation, so she fully intends to see what a landlord might do for her in terms of discounted security deposit and first month’s rent. (as anyone who is looking for an apartment in LA should right now!)

Emily is looking for a relatively affordable 1br. She currently lives in a apartment in Silverlake that I can only think to describe as PHAT. Sorry for the indulgence with that aged term, but seriously. The Silverlake place ($1950/month between her and a roomate), is sick to death. Its on a hill, with a view, situated in a neighborhood just above my favorite road in all of LA (Hyperion). It sprawls, it has early century spanish bungalow charm, a brick patio with a fireplace and brick oven, and a bamboo garden that leads into A YARD… (Man, I miss grass). However, besides the fact that her and her roomate are parting ways – they decided to get out initially cause of the noise factor of the upstairs neighbors. (These are the kinds of things that you just can’t always get a feel for in your apt hunt.) Even with all the yard, they feel that the price tag is too high for a basement apartment.

The Estate of Things chooses LA Apartment Hunt

Let’s help Emily flesh out the pros and cons of the option below, its in West Hollywood near all of the great furniture thrift stores that we went to this weekend!!! (and the Target shopping center at La Brea & SM). ((and kinda near the Farmer’s Market which is near that place where the chick from The Hills lives if you watch TV and otherwise don’t have any reference for how much of a wasteland of concrete LA is.)) I’ve mapped it above for ya. Her current commute from Silverlake to work is probly bout 30 mins w/ Traffic.

It’s a little Guest House, which immediately fairs well in assessment. A guest house means no shared walls, so hopefully that means quiet times. It’s way closer to work. Its little face is cute, and I think immediately that it suits her in charm. The front porch is beggin for a brightly painted metal glider. It’s NOT a studio!  Hardwood floors are a must have for decor freedom, so that’s a go. Parking, Laundry and an included refrigerator are all pluses. And for a girl that loves outdoor coffee and privacy to sit back and think on a Sunday morning – the french doors/back deck is happening in a major way.

The only downsides I can see:
Could be some decades old grime to contend with, and without seeing it, I’d carefully inspect the windows, bathroom and kitchen faucets to make sure you can feel at home.
Also, It’s important to try to get a grasp on if the front house tenants are cool (she describes them as 12 year old hipsters, so this could go either way.)
It’s $50/mo over budget.

Emily, I kinda love it. I’d go ahead and man up and ask them if they’d consider knocking that extra $50/mo. off too. It never hurts to ask.

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  • what a great place! If you can get them to come down in price then I’d say go for it! looks absolutely lovely. I’ve been looking for a place in Pasadena for over a month now, I saw this wonderful one that I was in love with. but it was 75 dollars over budget. I really wish I had taken it now. I haven’t seen anything since then that I remotely like. Take the chance, pounce on it if it’s something you really want. Hope it works out for you! I’m heading out to go look at a studio in the attic of a 1920s Hotel. We shall see… Good luck!

  • yes, someone please help me! I can’t stop thinking about this place and it’s charming front porch that’s begging for some hanging ferns and the carnival lights I’d string across the deck and the herb garden I’d plant in that area next to the front door. BUT, I have to keep reminding myself of the cons, and there are many:
    -tiniest kitchen you’ve ever seen
    -tiniest bathroom you’ve ever seen with miniature sink (no bathtub! but, can’t remember the last time I took a bath)
    -parking= “a spot in the driveway” so, street parking
    -front house is a duplex at least half full of 12 year old hipsters. I only worry cause of my real job that starts every day at 8am and I’m what you might call “a sleeper”
    -2nd guest house next to available one, 2 story, possibly 2 apartments. home to two very loud dogs, though the manager said the owner was going to be “doing something” about the dogs soon. whatever that means
    -giant dead roach in living room, like over 2 inches long. means thousands more around, right? gross.

    Betsy, will you come look at it again with me?

  • is the window a/c unit problematic? does it work? I’m not sold that this is a dream place yet, Emily’s cons are too heavy for me.

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