The New Girl pumps and dumps our beloved Ruffalo Home

If you are new to these parts let me tell ya’ that Sarah and I blog about a particular home that actor Mark Ruffalo once owned. It was wickedly appointed with a timeless mix of boho eclectables layered upon a strong platform built with traditional pieces. We would later come to understand the broad strokes by design house and retailer Nickey Kehoe. The home has been a continued source of inspiration and a reference for my living room and Sarah’s girls rooms.

Anywayz. We learned through our friend and spirited supporter Heather that the ever twee mother of mass man hipsterdom, Zoey Deschanel is selling her Hollywood estate and lo and behold it’s the Ruffalo Casita.

It is really fun to see the same bones but with bad decor choices. If that sounds like something you’d be into, have a looksee here

ruffalo kitchen comparison

Sarah and I had a spirited text convo about the kitchen renovation.

I think we agreed it was architecturally sound, but maybe the use of color was of questionable taste, here and in the sitting room. While navy is most definitely a good thing right now, those navy cabinets are fleeting and too strong for that sunny CA kitchen.

I was very firmly against the choice of rugs – but then we wondered if Zooey was all moved out and it was likely just poorly staged.

ruffalo living comparison

Besides the kitchen our favorite comparison has got to be the master bedroom, Nickey Kehoe’s design is far superior to this overly feminine, yellow and grey business complete with accent wall.

ruffalo bedroom comparison


That house is situated in the heat of Hollywood residential. It’s not a neighborhood that the dude and I are interested in living in, Sarah really wanted us to consider. But I’d LOVE that half acre with its guest house, it looks really inviting and private.Thanks for playing,


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