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Pacific Palisades

A few amazing things have happened since I last dumped a little house hunting progress on the blog, not least of which being that the dude and I have zeroed in on the Pacific Palisades for the hunt. I no longer have to keep an eye out for every great house in Mar Vista, Venice, Santa Monica, Altadena or the town of Los Angeles in general. We are decided. Our love for the canyon supercedes. We will live in the Palisades.

Before we arrived at this conclusion though, we definitely shared some words about our disparate approach to our needs. Truth be told, I think that Heffe was gettin’ a little antsy, and he just wants to be in a new space where we can do some things… and he wants the search to be over. At this point, we’ve been actively looking for a full time home since May of 2014. We’ve been beat out on 4 offers and we’ve toured more than 15 homes.

It came to a peak when he had me reeling over some ugly behemoth cali traditional specimen in Mar Vista last week, that was built in 2001 and featured a leaded glass door that fairly represented the unappealing character of the entire home, in my humble opinion. In my haste and humor, I told some story about how much work would need to be done, and how  I couldn’t imagine we would see any point in replacing that leaded glass door, yet I’d hate it and complain about it daily, and he’d grow to hate me and our lives and love would fall apart, and it was all very melodramatic… and suffice to say he didn’t appreciate it because he just sees a door that leads into a gigantic 38000000000 sq foot home in our budget. I guess my tragic distaste for the door or my penchant for drama isn’t as endearing as I like to think.

At any rate, it led to some emotions running high over the frustrations of our endless fruitless searching. But while I was away on a quick biz trip to San Fran, he and the kids took the scenic route home, which means a jaunt through Topanga Canyon from the Valley to our home in Santa Monica… and for him it cemented his desire to live in that part of town, beside those hills, by that ocean, near enough to the life we’ve made here in Santa Monica. And this just made my heart sing, b/c I don’t want what Mar Vista’s got.

Pacific Palisades it is. We will not settle.

Eventually, we are gonna live in that photo somewhere on that oceanside hill. I’ve toured 4 homes in the Palisades since we made this decision and it’s getting real. We haven’t found our home yet, but as one realtor put it, the Universe is opening itself up to us! Any day now. It only takes one.

Here is a quick look at the living rooms of three homes we toured this weekend! For more house hunting stuff, follow my instagramZ.

living room silver spring
Sarah and I started to refer to this home as “Silver Spring” since it’s on the same street where Stevie Nicks holds residence, and because you know… ♫ blue-grrrrreen… colors flashing…. ♫
This was a flip complete with fantastic finishes chosen by a PacPal designer, Noelle Schoop.
This was a flip complete with fantastic finishes chosen by a PacPal designer, Noelle Schoop. I loved her choices, all of them.


Now, this is my own cell phone photo, but they really left out the most charming angle of the living room in the real estate listing. However, that round beam was a weirdy.

Hopefully I’ll get to report someday soon, that we found our new home!

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