Apartment Hunting in Los Angeles

I don’t guess I told you yet, but I’m moving back to LA. I got a killer job and things are moving along quickly.

Sarah suggested maybe I share some of my apartment shopping adventures. This could possibly turn into a 2 month long series of posts, b/c it is HARD….. Super hard. But we’re gonna kick off the series with a little humor. This is a legit post that I found on Craigslist. A $1500/mo. Venice Beach Cottage Rental.

Only in Los Angeles would you get this kind of production for a Craigslist Ad.

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  • God.. I would if I could. I would LOVE to clean that place up, and the enclosed outdoor space is PERFECT for pollock’s lonely days.

    I need a $500/month donor.

  • Wow-I wonder how much these people think of themselves and their property? Yawn. How much was added to the price because it has wainscotting?

  • I’m pretty sure based on the irony of the video that they don’t think more than they should. It was hilarious.

    Also, this price is pretty rare for a full 1br that close to the beach. If it was all fixed up I bet they could get WAY more than that.

  • what the f is wainscotting?

    incredible video. looks like it has many available spots for your figurine collections.

  • Did they say bathroom optional? Or did I just fall asleep to that ladies’ soothing voice and wake up right in the middle of that sentence?

  • “…or firearms.”

    And yes they did say optional bathroom, the other option is a 1920s deco-modern bucket.

  • The best part about it is the entryway. It doesn’t look like it’s been cleaned since 1950….and I thought Chad’s apartments were bad.

  • I live in Venice. The place looks heinous. Is the facade boarded up? Notice that they didnt show the bathroom — either it is “optional” or fugly. No mention of parking space either.

  • Betsy, that video is hilarious!! I love the ‘Bathroom Optional’ part!

    I’m going to definitely be checking back on your blog since I need all the LA apt. searching advice I can get. Thanks for posting your progress!

  • Oh thanks Kim!! Haha. I love that video.
    Apartment hunting in LA is at a premium. I heard a rumor that the vacancy rate is 70% higher than normal right now. We just secured a new spot less than three weeks ago and were not only ble to pick the best of our options, but also we were able to negotiate the lease to fit our needs.
    Good luck to you!

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