Ep. 6: LA Apartment Hunting

The heartbreak of the move happened. Pollock stayed behind. I guess then that really makes this Episode of the LA Apt Hunt the saddest. The bottom line is… even if I could afford to pay $1500+/month for an apartment I’m just not sure that my new lifestyle is going to work for such a huge man dog. That changes my list a little bit, so now if I HAVE to get a place that isn’t 125 lb dog friendly, then so be it.

Culver City/Mar Vista Studio $1050/mo.
This is a 450 sq. foot studio lined with windows. It also has this weird cutout into the kitchen, and what’s up with that tiny fridge? Actually the more I look at these pics… I don’t really like it. so nevermind.

I’m too sad to look at Pollock-less homes.


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