Dining Table Project Ensues

Kate and I have been talking a lot about what to do with the dining table and 4 chairs that her mother gifted her. The apartment is close to 100% empty and so we really don’t need to prioritize replacing it with the desired tulip & wingback combo (or whatever might be more desirable.) Looks like we have another project on our hands. I do love spray paint.

The Estate of Things chooses Dining Table refurbish

I was initially inspired by the upholstery on this chair at Downtown but I got over it when Sarah told me that she was not a fan of this chair.

The Estate of Things chooses green crocodile on chair at downtown20.net

So, we hit up some fabric stores today to see what we could find. The trip to Sew L.A. (in Silverlake) was a beautiful one. Sew L.A. is a fantastic resource for fabric made familiar by your favorite Etsy sellers.

The Estate of Things chooses Sew L.A.

I was hoping for a Chiang Mai, and thinking we could make a quick impact without too much effort. I probably wouldn’t normally have thought to go this route without the prod from Jamie’s recent addition to Furbish Studio, seen on iSuwannee.com.

The Estate of Things chooses Chian Mai The Estate of Things chooses ROWDY from isuwannee furbish studio
(thanks Apartment #412 and Rowdy from Furbish Studio for the images)

After a quick stop in the coffee shop across from Sew L.A. I saw the green crocodile upholstery on the chairs there, and I couldn’t get it outta my mind, so the kitschy cute styles at Sew L.A. were no longer an option. In my single sightedness, we hit Sunset blvd toward downtown on the quest for croc.

The garment district was pretty awesome, starting first with Michael Levine Inc. After a few snaps with the camera, I was asked not to take pictures inside. (my apologies that I can’t visually share with you the awesomeness. You’ll have to come visit.) They had all of the novelty fabrics that Sew L.A. had and soo much more. (but not the right crocodile or chiang mai). All in all – a great day – though I came home overwhelmed and empty handed. Let me know if you have any ideas that I should be considering for a table make-over.

The Estate of Things chooses Michael Levine Inc Fabrics

Not the right crocodile, but getting there.

The Estate of Things chooses crocodile

Kate doesn’t know what Toile is. We’ll help her.

The Estate of Things helps Kate

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  • those chairs really have nice lines…crocodile would not be my choice. You might consider white chairs if they need to be painted. Is that moss green velvet on them now?

  • not thinking turquoise chairs Betsy? ;)

    I once wanted a bedroom or bathroom with toile wallpaper all over, but I never committed.

  • You can be sure I’ve considered Turquoise!!

    I’m sure there are a million winning combinations for this table and chair, but I want to set a tone for the room, and the overall direction. Just like my home in Hickory, i’m sur ethe overal tone will be an eclectic mix of bold choices in pattern, texture and colors… but I don’t want THAT table screaming at you to look at it. Its not a solid enough of a piece to command that much attention. But I will spare no drama if I don’t have too.

    A shiny Green Crocodile seat seems like a fun touch. But I’m just not sure I’m going to find the croc of my dreams.

    I did heavily consider white, and I actually think that its probably the best direction for the room. However, Kate (who is devoid of vision and knowledge in interior design) expressed a strong opinion that she is not interested in white. And after all, its her table.

    (I have Kate’s permission to explicitly make fun of her lack of design skills in case anyone was wondering what a terror of a roomate I must be!!)

  • I’m with Kate. I don’t like white for the chairs. I do like a white table top though. I’d probably paint the chairs a deep blue (maybe green depending on the seat). Try this site for fabric. Check out Amy Butler, Tula Pink, Dena Designs, Joel Dewberry, Anna Maria Horner, Kaffe Fassett, Valori Wells, maybe Brandon Mably and Philip Jacobs.

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