Upholstered Headboard Smorgasbord

Betsy and I moved in to a great apartment during our junior year in college, besides my husband she is my favorite person to live with. Dan and I were recently talking about that apartment and he said it was the first college apartment he ever went to that actually had some style – I think he used the word “decorated”…. I was flattered.

westport bed ws home

When I moved in to that apartment my parents were kind enough to buy me some bedroom furniture that I think would be considered contemporary Italian, we bought it at a place called Ambiente. Today I still have that furniture and it is still in fine shape and has been disassembled and re-assembled roughly nine times. I’m still able to live with it because it has a nice cherry finish and a mid century nod. But the minute I see two matching small dressers, its over.

I have been thinking about how things might look if I ever decided to change the entire bedroom, I thought about it briefly a few months ago upon seeing the Quincy bed. The want for change came again after I saw Lulu DK’s bedroom in Lonny— I knew what direction I would go in should I decide to redo the bedroom.

lulu dk bedroom Lonny

If I changed everything in the bedroom I would most likely gravitate toward an upholstered headboard– hence the title and purpose of the post.

Here are some images I’ve been collecting that inspire me,


monique lhullier's bedroom

Monique Lhuillier’s bedroom

IKEA rast after

Aubrey and Lindsay blog, Colette bed

upholstered headboard bold

carla lane bedroom

big and tufted, Carla Lane , similar to the Mansfield bed

upholstered headboard shaped

Master bedroom Cottage Living

Cottage Living

Timothy Whealon bedroom upholstered headboard

Timothy Whealon

upholstered headboard round.bm

wing back luxe, Lee Kleinhelter

martha stewart bedroom

Martha Stewart Living

kate spade bedroom

Andy & Kate Spade’s apartment, Selby

P.S. I don’t mind that Andy is smoking in bed, a lot of people seemed to be grossed out by this, I thought it was reality and any time I get to post about their apartment I will even if you get really tired of it

P.P.S After closer inspection of a larger version of this image, I’m not sure he is actually smoking, is it a pen, his finger? Did someone photoshop the smoke out?

Conclusion thus far-

Nailhead detail is important. A solid, neutral fabric may be the way to go to ensure I don’t tire of it quickly. A balance between sharp and curvy lines is ideal.

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