Grey Ceiling Spanish Bungie in West LA

My friend Joel has a beautiful doll of a girl roommate named Aubrey and she is a genius. They rent a Spanish bungalow in West L.A. (total score… full on 3br 2ba house, exposed beams, an amazing backyard and studio out back. I’m gonna show you pics!)

Aubrey is a genius because she has a really fun ceiling, and she painted the room grey with a complimentary dark grey above and I love it. Don’t you!?

The Estate of Things chooses Grey ceiling

Here’s some more pics of the home, so you can salivate a bit. It’s affordable too. Affordable like less than $1000 per month per person.

I love the art deco tile that you run into in LA homes.

Sunbeam & Beams!!

Nice chairs. (Sarah must be wondering, but they are not Joel’s. They are the previous tenants)

What’s up trellis?

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  • That bathroom is off the hook, love how the sink pops out from the vanity. On a business note, I believe I may have a DIY remodeling eco-friendly client ( interested in paying you for some advertising on this blog.
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    * Polywood – eco friendly outdoor furniture (made from recycled milk jugs)
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    * Tiger Claw Fasteners – hidden deck fasteners that prevent any appearance of nails in a deck, or nails to get caught on.

    Let me know what options exist and if interested. Look forward to hearing back from you.

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