LA Apt Hunt: Rental Envy

A friend sent this over. I die. $1395/mo. Rent it.

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  • amazing. i wish i could find that in san diego. mostly because it’s where i work not because of a great undying love.

  • Ok, this is weird. That is my friend Amy’s apartment. She’s moving out next weekend. If it makes you feel any better, the neighborhood is kinda sketchy.

  • Dude… Emily – that is nutso. I google mapped and saw that it was pretty close to your old place. So I passed some opinion back to the friend that originally found it.
    That neighborhood had some charm. I told her it was a little sketch, central to everything and not close to much of anything.

    Dunno if that’s the best assessment…
    Anyway, still craz0 that its your friend’s place. Its a decorator’s dream.

  • mmmmm…. dreamy. and i love the small blogland story! i can’t believe it’s emily’s friend amy’s apartment … that you got good insight on it.

    blog community rules!

  • Hey doll! I just found your blog and love love love it! So glad I stopped by! Thanks for the inspiration sweetie!

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