Trends: Lumbersexual

North Carolina, rejoice (or Raise Up as Petey Pablo might say), for your inherent abilities to don Carhartt to dinner is now recognized as highly fashionable and has thusly been dubbed, lumbersexual! My three older brothers are so stoked and don’t even know it. 

This look is a look that our many manual labor dude friends of North Cack have been rockin for enough time to make the word “trend” seem inapplicable. But, here in California, where the twenty somethins are mashin it up with a little southwestern boho surfer/skater vibe, well it’s down-right ingenuity, and everyone is gettin’ after it.

So, here is a little look into the look…

lumbersexual trend by the estate of things

Carhartt Jeans  I  Duchamp’s Beard Oil  I  Van’s Button Down Shirt  I  Classic Flannel  I Southwestern Sweater  I  Chukka’s  I The Man Bun

And because we are more into home decor here than we are Men’s fashion – well, I wanted to see how this notion translates into our stylized lives. I’m really digging a plaid couch which is a hilarious turn of events… tell 2005 me that and just see what her face does!

lumbersexual decor

Leather Sofa  I  Pendleton Throw Blanket  I  Kinfolk Mag  I  Branch Hook  I  Leather Chair  I  Aspen Ski scene art by Gray Malin

We’ve seen some lumbersexual home decor rather expertly executed in Aerin Lauder’s Aspen Abode via Vogue.  I love that this bedroom swaps out the ubiquitious blue beachy scene for the ski mountain.

Aerin Lauder Vogue Aspen Home Lumbersexual

Here is another fun candidate for the lumbersexual label. This entire idea made me think of our foray into Tartan from a few years back too. Thanks Domino.

The Estate of Things chooses Forever Tartan from Domino

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