My Tie-Dye Sofa!


Do you folks recall a time that I was pondering the notion of a tie-dye sofa?

I talked myself in and back out of the idea right there in that old post, knowing that a navy blue heirloom sofa is something that I’m interested in for the long term, but I have to admit y’all, I’m a sucker for a trend and since that post – I can’t get enough of anything that is vaguely reminiscent of acid wash, oxidized metal, rorschach, tie-day, the heavens… I even went so far as to inquire with you guys on sponge-painting.

This is what that all looks like:

Nicely_appointed_and_super_delicious._I_just_had_the_most_yummy_poke_and_killer_matcha_popcorn_here._Can_t_wait_to_eat_here_again. inspired-by-the-heavens-by-the-estate-of-things More_hippie_vibe_ideas_from_my_jaunt_around_the_Malibu_country_mart._Color_bombed_rattan_with_a_bleachy_denim_seat_cover_and_a_kilim_pillow.__intoit making a comeback sponge painted walls think about it the estate of things The_goods_from_my_recent_pottery_endeavors_are_starting_to_stack_up___  oxidized-copper-by-the-estate-of-things

So, I did it. I had my couch tie-dyed.

Well, mineral-washed to be exact. I wrestled my Ikea Karlstad slipcover off (this was not fun) and I took it down to my new best buddy, Kevin at Brother’s Dye House and he did the deed.



I sat around chatting dye finishes with him, from crystal washes to mineral washes. We zeroed in on Pantone’s majolica blue and a mineral wash. Admittedly, when I left the warehouse district I envisioned something a bit less bold and audacious as what I picked up – but as soon as I saw it,  I felt a thrill.

My new sofa was going to look rad indeed. The best part is that Heffe loves it too. This is the couch that never gives up and now that she’s gained a new lease on life, I’m more happy than ever with my Ikea Karlstad purchase.



If you want to explore giving your own sofa slipcover a new life by having it dyed, contact Kevin. He will make it really easy for you.  This is not sponsored. I’m just emphatic that anyone who wants to explore dye get up with this dude! He’s the best!

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