Heffe House loves its Flokati

My Heffe House choices steer as far away from HOT PINK, CITRUS YELLOW, SONIC PLUM PURPLE as one could imagine. I know – travesty. Or perhaps I’m leaning more towards pull than pushin the Heffe House Push and Pull. It’s a necessity though, b/c as we’ve discussed before – color is at the crux of our difference when decorating with the dude.
But look how cozy that picture is. Don’t you wanna curl up right there in that sunny spot? Maggie does it all day long.
At any rate, I’m happy with my two new and quite safe rug choices. Where I might have previously been saving my duckets or plotting a DIY for a medallion/morroccan flat weave in the colorway aforementioned or if I lived alone, perhaps a bold floral from Anthropologie. I instead went practical and affordable with Flokati for the den, and a grass knot braid somethin or other in the living room. The living room is now patiently considering an additional layer. We’ll see how much I can waffle over that for the next few months.

There’s a lot more to share. Design blogging when you are NOT a designer, is hard on your confidence and schedule – but we’ve been at this since 2008 and can’t quit now.

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  • Haha. He doesn’t, and likely never will. But he asked the exact same question.

    So, I guess my plan is to clean the rug like we clean Maggie. Take her outside and beat her. Wait – that’s not how we clean the dog. I meant, brush her.

    We’ll see how nappy she gets. But Maggie does love her – and its the BEST for coziness and hiding white dog fur!

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