Little life update from Betsy here.

Kate and I are parting ways. We very luckily BOTH stumbled into the arms of some fine loving young men around this time last year, and just as fate tends to do, it’s forced our hand. I’ve always love the “shit, or get off the pot” idiom. And as it goes, a girl’s got move in with her dude at a certain point in time. That time is now for Kate. Wish them well. Maybe we’ll get some fun stories in home decor along the way. I’m betting yes.

For me however, it is not yet that time. I’m going look for a new place with Joel and Patterson, so you can expect updates if we can pull any design together in our shared abode. I’m a little nervous though. We are all going to try to save ourselves some money and look for a low rent option in Santa Monica, so that likely means the place won’t be packing much in the way of character. Also – we have to live with Joel’s microfiber red couch. This ups the ante big time in the way of Home Decor challenge.

Due to this update in my living arrangements, it looks like it will be at least 12 months before I can pull lady of the house rank on that shitty fixture that’s hanging in the dining room that Heffe pleads is “so bad it’s good.” I told him yesterday, “No, it’s just bad.” But, it’s not my house. There will be more in the way of the Heffe House Push & Pull though. My blue Karlstad is likely going to see a re-upholstery project so that it can live there. And his new couch is set to arrive in about two weeks. (I’m so anxious for its arrival.)

It’s so sad that I have to move – an end to an era.  I’ve created a social campaign for the loss of my apartment. Check out #RIPtreehouse on Instagram for all my nostalgic uploads of the moments in The Treehouse decor that I’ll miss. Of course, I’m also pinning them. http://pinterest.com/betsymoyer/riptreehouse/


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  • Sorry Joel-I love you to pieces this you know but the TEOT readers out there all know that a red microfiber couch is bad news. If the Karlstad is to be reupholstered it should also get a new set of legs b/c all a Karlstad really has going for it is its washable covers and yours is a darling washed out blue. Yeah I’m totally knocking the Karlstad and I can b/c I own one too, sometimes its the best you can do on a budget even if Rita Konig says to buy an English roll arm right out of the gate.

    • Haha. So harsh to the Karlstad. Meanwhile, Kate would love to keep living on it.

      She’s having an interesting conversation with Kevin about getting a new couch, b/c he dropped dough on a down filled CB2 couch that has a lazy look to it now that its been lived on a bit. The cushions are attached to the back of the sofa, and they’re kinda saggy. It’s really a shame. In that regard, points to the Karlstad for being a much better bargain when you can’t pay up to Rita’s par.

      I can’t knock the Karlstad. I got mine for $400 from the AS-IS section — and its a big old 3 piece that has held its shape. I like it cause the lines are clean.

      Here’s a link to the inspiration image for its makeover: http://pinterest.com/pin/125749014565128846/

      New legs are definitely a desire, particularly a darker wood with that danish taper. The only bummer is that the two gray options at Ikea are both a little textury.

      Heffe doesn’t….. but I love the blue. Though it’s taken a beating. Pretty dirty.

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