A Style Evolution


This is my home. We’ve embraced the boho vibe.

Some of you out there, like me, are riding the wave of this recent swell in hippie home decor. Call it boho or bohemian if you prefer.  Either way, it has taken its place in my heart in a way that makes more sense to my soul.

I dig it much more than some of the other styles out there. I’m looking at you guys SoCal Coastal Chic, Southern Traditional, and Industrial Loft.

I have kept a “Fantasy Living” as well as a “My Style” board on Pinterest since I started using the service. These are each fantastic places to bookmark the images of interiors that I feel resonate on a personal level.

I love to go back to these as time passes. Of course, style, in its essence, is constantly evolving. It’s so nice to have a reference point through which to analyze consistency versus influence over time.

With this practice, you may learn that you are mostly influenced in your tastes by trend, maybe this hippie thing is a trend and you are into hanging textile art and vintage hmong pattern for the moment alone! Or perhaps you have evolved by circumstance, maybe you’ve moved to a new part of the country and the influence of the new surroundings have changed your look at home. Maybe you are a gigantic sponge and you like a bit of everything (like me) or perhaps you are quite regimented in your aesthetic and you always manage to dig consistently into a look that is your signature style.

These are fun things to think about. Now here are some fun images to look at!

I like to think of this collection as an expression of my recent interest in fancy hippies! A touch of glam, some dark moody palettes and plenty of textures sets the vibe. Y’all dig? What are you into lately?

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