Introduction to the New Heffe House Do-Over

Four years of paying rent to someone else constitutes the right to paint the walls and change out some light fixtures, yeah?

Heffe just signed on for a second two year lease on his house, so that is what I want to do, from painting the walls to finally swapping out that old medieval light fixture in the dining room with something more suitable to our style. Something more like one of these West Elm Bentwood babies.

West Elm Bentwood Pendant

For the rest of the home… I’m gonna get me some professional help this time!

I contacted HomePolish, a new startup that aims to make interior design more accessible by pairing up people’s budgets and needs with a specific designer. My designer, Matt Merrell came by last week for an initial walk through. I was pretty stoked to have someone with experience come in and validate my efforts, while picking up the pieces and making sense of them all. We created a pretty hefty To Do List that includes several actionable items that I know will make a huge difference immediately. I do hope we will get started soon! This is 100% up to me getting us going! I wish this didn’t have to take a back seat to the rest of life’s demands!

Nonetheless, I’m keeping myself motivated. I have some before photos to share here. These pictures do not represent a final product that I’m proud of, but we’re keeping it real here. So, this is my starting place. There are three areas that need to be improved upon for this blogging business to really do a home’s interior design justice. The overall design, the interior styling, and the photography! I’m looking to improve in all three of those areas.

Got any ideas before we get started? Let’s roll it!

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