What y’all doing? I’ve been doing this over at Skillshare with Justina Blakeney’s Interior Styling course. There is assigned homework, so of course I’m procrastinating and pretending like I can’t skip on to the next session until I complete the assignment for the first.


But, I did step into the den the other day with my camera and these pics are the result. I’m wondering if I need to be seriously considering painting all of the walls in the home a crisp bright white – 100% for the effect that it will have on these kind of photography efforts. Please weigh in.

In other news, I have an exciting project coming up on Thursday for my new client that I’ve been talking about lately, Jaxon Home. We’ll be setting up 3 various room designs and my new friend Marcia Prentice will be coming over to shoot the work! I’m so excited to be dabbling in this world for realdo, and not just for play play!

Another update, I tried to get Sarah to go on the Weezer cruise with me next month, but her circumstances prohibit her from coming along to enjoy concerts on a boat and feet in the white sand – our eyes shielded by adventure hats. I think that my friend Amy might be able to step up to the plate and enjoy Heffe’s ocean view cabin and front row Weezer seat alongside me. It won’t be the same without the dude, but how crazy is it that I’m going to have a getaway from cancer town? It’s going to be so hard and so awesome. I’m nervous and elated. I have hardly left his side since September.


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