Heffe House: a list

You should see what Heffe did to the living room Sarah. Holy crap. You hate it. Look at all the TVs.

He built that mantle extension shelving unit specifically so we could have people over and watch football on 18 screens. We did it on Sunday and really it was an awesome day – but I snapped this pic after the day was over. This is not a joke, he’s dead serious. I love it when he uses his tools.

In other updates, it appears that the dude has turned the corner on the supposed “turquoise” couch (which is actually as baby blue as a blue can be.) I’ve even heard him mutter that he “likes” it. Which is an incredible development – since as you might remember, I very much questioned our compatibility when he stated over dinner one night that he’d NEVER live with a turquoise couch. (He’s never even SEEN the Tiffany blue blue leather number I have in storage in Hickory, NC.)

My initial thoughts for the Heffe House living room were more along the aesthetics of tailored/masculine wools and linens in black/grey and cream. Super neutral and all buttoned up. But in reality – though one (read that as I, Betsy) might think that a finance guy would be uptight, he’s deeply as California casual as can be. Just ask his gym shorts. So what we’ve ended up with are bamboo shades, a lot of green leafy plants, a huge Marimekko print that he still thinks should hang sideways, and a blue couch, sitting on a grass rug!

A beautiful styled shelter mag shot would be ideal, but instead, I have a pic I snapped with my iPhone.

Here’s a list of what has gotten done since we last had an update. I know – a picture speaks a thousand words, but whatev. If I wait for that, there will be no update for my friend Sari.

  • Bedroom has duvet cover, flat grey headboard, bamboo shades, and dressers, needs bedside table and new light fixture
  • Living room has new grass rug,  PIANO, artwork is hung, mantle extension and shelves built, bamboo shades hung, needs new DIY cube coffee tables and some baskets to hide clutter
  • Den has new flokati rug, fiddly fig, and some lamps, needs huge artwork and end table and dense white linen curtains
  • Kid’s room has rainbow rug and curtains. Needs play table and two more curtain panels if ya ask me
  • Dining room has a stack of boxes from the organic vegetables that we have delivered weekly. Count em, 5. That’s 5 weeks worth of not taking them out. #reallife
Needs curtains, shelving, bar cabinetry, artwork, rug, and desperately needs a new light fixture

So there is a lot left to do . Maybe in 8 months I’ll be back to blog about it and perhaps NOT share a picture cause all I have for visual pretty is an artsy Instagram hand, and no time to style and shoot my home, er Heffe’s I mean.

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