Bamboo Blinds Building a Mystery

The dude continues to astound. Some time ago, after much debate, we finally agreed upon some window treatments for the Heffe House. We had some bamboo blinds customized to fit our ranging odd shaped windows and happily installed them in the living room, dining room and bedrooms.

So, today I suggest we finish the job on the remaining windows! Response – dude “isn’t sold” on blinds in the kitchen.

I was really hoping to evoke a little response on social media for him to see that bamboo blinds are better than no blinds!!! Agree, or am I the one that’s crazy here? I think they look great on the two of three windows in the dining room. Could only be improved by adding the third and some drapes!!!

What are your thoughts on NO window treatment?

Bamboo Blinds look better The Estate of Things

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