Shiny Happy Makeover Follow Up

Betsy and Heffe may have lost the chance at the $10,000 Shiny Happy Makeover from DecorView and Emily Henderson, but the wheels are still spinning for the free version of a do-over.

So the Emily Henderson Shiny Happy Makeover that I had posted about… the one that was going to fix this room:

Heffe Living Room

It was close, but we didn’t win. It came down to us and this other nice lady also called Emily – and she won the makeover. You can see her room on the DecorView Facebook page, and I’ll keep my eye out for the final product in the coming weeks, for sure!

Huge thanks to DecorView who let me down as gently as they possibly could, and then helped heal the wound with a $100 gift certificate and a sweet note about the dude’s recovery. Thanks yo!

It was really fun running around the house in those days before heading back to the hospital, joking with Heffe about all the things that Emily Henderson was going to fix. His brother laid claim to the extra television and all the gadgets and I was sure that we would finally win the war against the “so bad it’s good” chandelier that is in NO WAY good and the lack of curtains. If you are wondering what kept us from the title, I’m pretty sure it was the fact that the landlord didn’t want any changes made to his laminate built-ins or the brick fireplace. I’ll save my letter to Jesus about why people are timid to make certain updates for a different, more ranty post — when I’m feeling less spirited and more like an ingrate.

What has happened as a result of this brush with destiny, is that I have really started to think about what I, by myself, without $10k can do to change up the living room in the Heffe House. I’ve created this board to help organize some thoughts – but it’s got to happen. I’ve got to change it up.

Screen shot 2013-10-28 at 11.15.43 AM

I had a moment with the Angie Hranowsky portfolio b/c Sarah told me too, and it cemented the cobalt blue thought. I’ve been thinking it about it lately and occasionally I like to dream about a life with an Yves Klein coffee table that cost $25k – but suddenly as I tore through her projects, it dawned on me – that maybe  I DO want to try the bright blue Karlstad slipcover that I have been toting around with me for 3 years with thoughts of selling it on Ebay.

So I set to work, running around the living room with tape measure in hand, talking to the dude about how I was going to swap out the art, paint the arc lamp rose gold, and toss on the blue couch cover… to which he said “No, no no,” until he finally said “You should just do all of this without telling me about it.”

Sounds like permission granted to me!

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