The Heffe Den

Last night Heffe and I sat down on his brand new couch to discuss decor. It got a little testy. My steak dinner made me feel bold and when he suggested placing a plant on top of the console in lieu of a twin lamp, my inner snob came out. “You can’t just use a plant as a space filler.”

So here’s a little fartsy look at the room from each angle, and then a wicked awesome photoshop job with his required artwork to scale……. and some BIG matchy blue lamps. But Heffe got me thinking about symmetry, and how I don’t really care for its obvious execution — so the question…………..

Two Lamp or not Two Lamp?

By the way, Heffe made that glass front console with his BARE HANDS. It is beautiful. You can bet I got salivatious when we went to his storage unit last weekend and I saw how many amazing wood tools he has. I love that. He’s cooking up a plan to turn his garage into a wood shop! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

One thing that seems certain about the Heffe Den though — is that Maggie’s rug is part of the decor. I found this navajo rug at a thrift store and snatched it up, unsure if I personally liked it, but totally aware of its appeal. Now we all love it almost as much as Maggie does. Now I’m pinning Navajo pillow covers from Southwestern ecomms on the Heffe House Board. <3 you Pinterest!

I leave her here each morning after her breakfast.


We were on Instagram well before Mark Zuckerberg ever dropped billions on the company! (That was just last week y’all.) At any rate, come hang out with me (@BetsyMoyer) and Sarah (@TheEstateOfThings). We could have conversation in the comments about Heffe’s new couch, or thrifting in LA and NC, or the musicians that pass through KCRW, or whatever we’re documenting……… for example this *style shot where I’m brushing my snags in Heffe’s hilarious bathroom is too cool for school with my Laura Dern Wild at Heart hair. If that doesn’t sell you, I don’t know what will! BE MY FRIEND!

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  • 1. I know Heffe is anti-drapes but he needs some affordable IKEA white linen drapes for casual pull across over the sliders 2. the TV equip is obnoxious, get a flat screen and put only necessary components in cabinet, put flatscreen on cabinet in picture? 3. buy larger area rug to layer under navajo 4. foot stools or upholstered ottoman to function as coffee table, shape/size depends on depth of room 5. need maybe three throw pillows, pinstripe and a tribal/graphic print in muted color 6. need some photographic art, poor man’s Massimo Vitali (check etsy) 7. rattan floor seats or big floor pillows for kiddies 8. Pop of color with matching lamps—Its the den lets get comfy and casual. Clearly I have no opinion.

  • haha!! Je t’aime Sariiiiiiiiiiii Oi! Lala! Lurve de jour.

    I do love your advice on most accounts… Except you didnt’ say about whether or not I should have two lamps on that console as that is the attainable proceeding at this time. Or wait, did you? You mentioned a pop of color w/ matchy lamps.

    Let’s pretend that a flush flat screen tv is a goal for the future – at which point we can consider another beautiful piece of furniture on which it can hang over or sit upon or what have you… but for now he has the DONKEY thing to work around. He’ll put a shelf up above it for some leaning art and thingies. But yes.. the south wall is 100% HONKIN PURE BLACK GLOSS HI FIDELITY FOOTBALL WATCHING BLISS.

    I’d love drapes. Not affordable white linen ones – but LAVISH lovely perhaps patterned ones in bright bold vibrant hues. The sunlight in that room is SO pretty and it would make a HUGE difference if it were pouring through some pretties. Alas, there are battles to be chosen here (hence its hilarity) and I’ll be saving my initial drapery requests for the dining room at this point. Must break old notions slowly…. Though I dunno what his hesitance is all about, cause he has both RED and GREYISH GREEN dupioni panels leftover from a previous life. *blech. (shhhhhh. sorry Heffe)

    Anyway, ultimately, you are right – clearly needs a big slider rod with a wall of fabric pushed over to the right corner.

    I’ll be thinking about the rattans and things, and also the under-rug… The scale of Maggies rug was a point of confusion for me and I was thinking more along the lines of just shopping for a larger navajo soon enough.. but I think I like that solution.

    Thanks Sarah! Love you.

    • Howsa bout two red lamps or maybe one glass, go with what you love…errr I mean what Heffe loves.

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