The Shiny Happy Bedroom

Here it is folks, as promised. The Shiny Happy Makeover Winner, that wasn’t us. Wahh wah…

You gotta head over to see all of the transformation, and watch the sweet video too. The family is cute, and it turned out lovely and all that…..

Now Kate hits me up today, and swears she needs this EXACCCCCT wallpaper in her bedroom, so we did some math, which I’m personally terrible at, so maybe I mis-calcuated… but it makes the $10k makeover value price a bit more understandable.

How much money do you think it costs to have Alla come over and figure out your window sitch? I really do DIG the final product and agree word for word with Hendo – on what a pain it is to measure and calculate and hang, etc…. (which is another reason why my curtain panels and rods are in the garage, and not on the window… cause I don’t wanna DIY and neither does the dude… for his own reasons.)

Anyway, I’m just about as green as those nightstands….. (with envy y’all) ;)
What do you think?

You can follow my rabbit hole of fortunes and misfortunes, here.

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  • Isn’t that wallpaper just gorgeous? I love how it shimmers.

    Thanks for sharing the final results of the makeover! And to answer your question: it costs no dollars to have someone like Alla come over to your house and help you figure out the window treatments – we offer free design consultations, and we do free installation as well. (That’s right – all that measuring, custom cutting, drilling, and hanging it just so – included.) You pay for the window treatments, we do the rest. :)

    • Ah… Well that is interesting indeed!
      Saw that Emily used you guys again on the CUP OF JO project too! That’s great.

      :) Thanks for stopping by DecorView folks!!!

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