Hanging Out and Taking Pics


Sarah and I got to spend this past weekend together working on our new products and projects. It was a joyous celebration of friendship and porch chats where we shared the greatest and scariest of all our hopes and fears as life sweeps us along. It was also a deep think on the future for TEOT.

We’re excited.



We are at a time in our lives when little girls rule and getting things done is likely to take six times longer than it should for a million wonderful reasons. We wouldn’t have it any other way.




We take the moments of peace along with the mayhem of barking dogs, hungry cats and playful young’uns with needs.



And then we bust our tail ends with the satisfying feeling of energy and passion while we style and shoot and play house together as a team. I’m sure Courtney (the Bennett Kitchen homeowner) was thrilled at the whirlwind job we did, taking over her home for the hilarious banter that comes from the clash of my unbridled boho tendencies siding up along Sarah’s sense for order and symmetry.



We have more thinking yet to do on the biz side of things, but while we were working, we proved that its a blast and together, it feels like art, or magic or with the risk of sounding silly, something mystical. We styled a few different vignettes for the blog and the TEOT Shop. We’ll share those results soon, along with the final reveal of the Bennett Kitchen Renovation.

A huge shout out to our friend Amy, who met up with us in Raleigh, first at Crank Arm Brewery and then on to Mandolin where we shared an excellent dinner and some wonderful conversation. When I count my blessings, I’m always sure to include Amy on the short list, I am truly honored to be her friend. It’s a dream come true to spend time with both of these women who I cherish. They mean the world to me. It’s deep.



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  • Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! My first official shout out on the blog. I’m going to be soooo famous! ;-) you girls are the best! I’m so proud to be your friend! Love you!!!

  • I’m gonna join the lovefest here and say it really was fun, Raleigh, fussy little girls, small southern towns and pillows lots of pillows. Thank you.

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