It’s birthday weekend!  Unfortunately, I will not be dazzling you with how fabulous I am by saying that I’ve got some grand destination birthday planned. No jetsetting here.

But…I will be headed to:

a. the flea market (the Raleigh, NC fair grounds flea is rated one of like the 25 best in Country Living)

b. a couple of other antique/consignment stores after flea

c. dinner with friends, all of which are female

d. cocktails

e. commando decorating at Kristine’s house

Sounds good right? Good enough for me.

Last night I celebrated with my family and Dan presented me with this,

Mad Hatter cake, 30th

Some after dinner conversation,

Dan: Will you be gone most of the day on Saturday you think?

me: absolutely

Dan: Well there’s a present coming for you but I don’t know if you have to sign for it.

me: Is it a Massimo Vitali beach scene?

Dan: yeah

me: Seriously?!?

Dan: no, but its something like that

conclusion: there’s a good possibility it’s artwork, yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news,

I have been hammering out the completion of the Indiana project all week. It will be pretty much done with the exception of the closet install on Sunday.  The yard will be hyrdroseeded tomorrow and yes we can talk about that at more length if you’d like to in the future.

Two coats

Iphone pic, two coats Ben Moore Showtime

It goes on the market next week. I may not sleep until it sells.

I don’t have anything to share this week because I’ve been standing out in the yard pacing at the Indiana project all week saying things like “are you coming today…ok and what time” “can you be finished by Saturday?” or the ever popular “that pea gravel is such a disappointment”Thanks for playing,


And now a quick word from our sponsors!

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