Is this an Internet Rumor, or is Pier One closing?

The Estate of Things chooses $30 lamps at Pier One Imports

Yesterday, Bromeliad’s $30 lamps at Pier One post sent me to the store in search of two identical lamps so that I could flank my guest bed and Sarah could be proud of my ability to execute some symmetry. (I’m not a fan, I like to keep things balanced but, I don’t usually do the same thing twice. Plus its hard to find matching lamps at the Habitat for Humanity.)

So, they didn’t have the lamps that I wanted, but my point here is : Am I the last to find out that the reason why everything in my local Pier One store is marked clearance is because Pier One is Closing its doors by December 2009?

Did you know?

I changed the name of this post, and am now adding this note b/c well, I don’t really want to be sued for announcing untruths. I did some google searching that indicated that Pier One would be closing its doors in Dec 09, but I’ve also seen various comments that this is a rumor. There is no confirmed info on the topic.
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  • whoa, news to me! I just visited Pier 1 this week, saw an impressive hammered silver lamp there for 40 beans (on clearance).

  • I was just at Pier 1 in Long Beach, CA last weekend and it seemed to be going strong…(although now I am fighting the urge to put down my coffee, change out of my pj’s, and drive there to see with my own eyes – ha!). And the website doesn’t say anything about massive clearances – I am keeping my fingers crossed for the internet rumor!!! Keep us posted!

  • Our local Pier 1 is going out of business. They’re in the final 2 weeks now. I dragged my husband over there yesterday to look at an area rug (originally $300, marked down to $199). ALL of their signs say “this location only” though. There have been several stores closing in that shopping center in the last year, though. The other Pier 1s in the area all seem to be doing just as well as always.

  • I have heard this for a while (like 2 years), but it seems they are only closing certain stores and maybe a distribution center??

    Side question…do you know where the white office trunk in your Office Flickr photos is from?? Is that Martha or was it just in some of her publications?? I need a cocktail table that doubles as file storage.

  • Pier 1 is not closing.

    They are running a big end of summer sale, to get rid of all their older merchandise and to make room for all the fall merchandise that is arriving. A few Pier 1 stores close here and there – but that does not mean the entire company is closing. They also do not have clearance stores anymore, which is where they used to send all their clearance merchandise at the end of the season.

  • I haven’t heard they were closing. I worked there for years (in grad school) and twice a year (january & summer) they would run clearance sales where everything is crazy cheap. In addition to closing the clearance stores as someone else mentioned, they started marking clearance items down more aggressively at certain intervals so the clearance doesn’t hang around too long.

    I do know that they have been struggling ever since they tried to change their image from cheap & unique stuff to more trendy, but not necessarily good trendy. Perhaps it’s time they change back.

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