Hometown Boys

Our beloved Avett Brothers were on the cover of the February/March issue of Garden & Gun magazine. Betsy and I are big fans in case we hadn’t already made that plain. Read the G&G article here.

avett brothers garden & gun cover

photo via Garden & Gun

Betsy met the band at KCRW’s studio when they played live on Morning Becomes Eclectic last fall. Listen to that performance here.

the estate of things chooses betsy and avett brothers


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  • My husband and I LOVE The Avetts. I don’t often hear of other people who know them so it’s great to see you supporting them here. Their music has a truth and depth rarely found.

  • Yeah… we love them for that truth and depth…

    Insanely nice dudes. Sarah failed to mention that her husband Dan went to middle school with Seth Avett and they played soccer together. He had emailed Seth at one point to express his appreciation for their music and to tell him that he and Sarah sing Avett songs to their baby girl DC….. Anyway, I mentioned Dan to Seth this day, and he brought up this email that Dan had sent and asked me to pass along how touched he had felt to read it. Supersweetboys….

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