Office Do Over: Lighting Choices Cont’d

Uggh, the chronic indecision continues. Previously, I thought I was settled on a capiz shell chandy referenced in Part II.

That all fell away as I continued to add fixtures to the field of consideration–cause that’s a no fail cure for indecision right? So here are the other fixtures I was considering for my new navy blue office.

Staggered Chandelier

Great price point but I think its too bling for work?

Marmont pendant

I was considering spraying the copper portion white.

Copper chandelier

Love this and it satisfies my obsession with faceted lighting,

Turin pendant

I can’t get over the crystal hanging from the bottom of these– it bugs me for some reason, I’m sure its removable but I’m not totally sold on this style

Solaris pendant

Oh it was hard to say no to yet another great brass Arteriors fixture but this one at $400+ was out of my budget

Willoughby pendant

Where do you stand on hanging rectangular fixtures in the middle of a room not over a long table?

Rectangle Capiz Chandelier

and finally…I made a choice before I went insane and the project went totally stagnate.  In the end it came down to the Turin pendant and the Baxter drum shade,

And I chose the Baxter 3-light pendant because it was the right scale for the room in terms of diameter, I liked the brass accents on the bottom, the price was reasonable, it provides ample light and although I wanted to stay away from the drum shade I felt like this shape was the right way to go.


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  • The baxter is cool. Much more earthy in tone than I was expecting. Can’t wait to see how it looks hanging.

    Did you repaint your piece a stark white in there, or is it going to stay natural wood?

    • For now its natural but I would like it to become white or possibly a color in the future. I’m on the hunt for some Lulu DK bloomsbury fabric in tourmaline.

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