The Beach House – The Kitchen Renovation Plan

After the big addition of two more bedrooms to the house by the beach, we got the itch to keep the construction vibes rollin’ and go ahead and revamp this tired old teal kitchen.

The Kitchen Before

We are undergoing a full gut renovation, receiving a new layout, new cabinetry, countertops and all appliances, new lighting and a new dining table. We even got a new door and new windows, so the before to after transformation shall be radical. Eventually.

In the interim, I’ve been steadily collecting inspiration for the design.

The Design Board for the Final Kitchen Design

I just had a design meeting with the contractor team and am taking lead on design. We also have the hand of an admin assistant who is a baker and a bit more of a kitchen enthusiast than myself. I’ll be leaning on her expertise for organization and management of kitcheny things while I focus on materials and aesthetics.

So I took to my illustrator program to do a little space planning, and try to reimagine how our family might like to use the space. There are some current pain points with the peninsula layout, so I’m leaning into a wide galley style, or even a U shape if you will, but with an entrance and exit breaking the U. We will lose a coat closet in favor of widening the traffic flow space at the top of the stairs and alleviating some pressure on the walking path just by the new stove location.

All of these thoughts have been carefully analyzed and ended up here in the resulting layout.

I’m excited to get started with cabinetry. We tapped a few different area vendors, but I landed on Ross Alan Reclaimed so that we can really build a show piece of the natural cabinets and a fun tambour feature that Ross is willing to explore with me, for better or for worse.


Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 11.14.19 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 10.35.27 PM.png
Sink Wall Cabinets.jpg
Fridge Wall Pantry.jpg
Stove Wall.png
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