TEOT Launches Custom Pillow Collection

We’ve sourced, sewn and styled a whole prolifery of pillows from on-trend vintage global textiles and one by one we’re uploading them to our TEOT SHOP. We are selling them.

What do you think?

We like to call this little girl in the middle Lotty Dotty.



She likes to party.

We have a thing for blue you know. It’s really apparent in all of this wonderful vintage indigo fabric that we scored at the Santa Monica Antiques Market. It’s from Africa, and most of it is from Mali specifically.


If I had to choose my favorite combo, I think I’d lean this way, below.

In fact, I’d be happy if this scene were replicated exactly in my own home. I’ll do my best to recreate it, it’s going to be hard without that rattan bench in my life.


I would take a little dose of Sarah styling all of my accessories too.

I’ll tell you why we are doing this! It’s proof of concept. If we can get some product moving online, we can get a brick and mortar storefront in Southern Pines, NC.

You see that simple correlation too, right?!?


JK JK JK. I know, it’s gonna take more than a few pillows to get the store moving. We’re working on it. We have to crawl before we walk.

One thing I learned is that styling these few vignettes with Sarah, and shooting them – well it was just about the most fun that I’ve had “working” in a really long time. It made me feel like this is EXACTLY what I want to be doing. I only regret that there are 3000 miles between Sarah and myself – so we can’t do that daily.



Buy some incredibly fairly priced pillows from The Estate of Things Pillow Collection, and make our dreams comes true!

Right now, we just want to prove to ourselves that we can make something happen!


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