COMING SOON: A little Shop teaser


We’ve got a few new items to add to the TEOT ETSY Shop, coming soon. Consider that image above a sneak peek. <3

Until then, shop the items that we can’t quite believe haven’t sold yet…

(well, except that shipping is super expensive and so every time someone buys this vintage rattan bench we quote the price to ship and everyone dies of sticker shock so we have to refund.)


Does anyone know of a great shipping secret? We were BLESSED with an incredibly insightful and helpful email from our Instagram pal, Leah of @ScoopsVintageModern. Her ETSY SHOP is the stuff of dreams. She has incredible tastes! But she is with us in the struggle for how to deal with major fees associated with transit of large items.

Sarah uploaded some wonderfully aged wooden carving boards that would look killer in any kitchen. I love how they warm up the Bennett Kitchen’s white tile and countertop in this detail shot.

Sarah Cutting Boards the estate of things

I don’t mean to brag, but hot dang this tie-dye rug is SOOOO freaking cool. It’s perfectly okay with me that it is still in my home because I adore looking at it every single day, but I thought for sure a million would sell and I’d have the pleasure of helping to design each and every one of them with my homeboy Kevin, over at Brother’s Dye House. It’s like walking on water.

does the carpet match the drapes(Consider those matching curtains a sneak peek too, they’ll be up on the shop just as soon as I can get a new curtain rod situation happening for their closeup.)

The pillows are slim pickings at the moment, but don’t worry, we’ll re-up soon.

Thanks for having a look! Let us know what you think.

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